Where the Sun and Moon Collide
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 Truth Courage Valor

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Garth G. Kendrune

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PostSubject: Truth Courage Valor   Truth Courage Valor EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 12:10 am

The Three Pillars of the Sun

Truth - The trait of any great Solar Warden. Wardens seek Truth in all endeavors, and must strike down ignorance and fallacy to keep the Suns Light true. Wardens are the Swiftness of the Sun.
Wardens of the Sun. Thou art the Seekers of Truth!

Courage - Courage is the founding principle of any Solar Crusader. To fight with honor and courage, never showing fear and to look death in the eye unflinching. A true Crusader of the Sun must know no fear when diving into the unknown or even certain death. Crusaders are the Hammers of the Sun.
Crusaders of the Sun. Thou art the Warriors of Courage!

Valor - Templars defend our Radiant Sun with Valor. They are the unwavering guardians of the Solar way. They protect all that we cherish and never falter, whatever the hardships they may face. Templars are the Shields of the Sun.
Templars of the Sun. Thou art the Defenders of Valor!

Truth Courage Valor
These traits... these principles, these Pillars of Light are the foundations that drive us followers of the Solar way. Live True, Fight Courageously, Protect Valorously.

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Truth Courage Valor
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