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 Javelin Tutorial

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PostSubject: Javelin Tutorial   Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:28 am

This tutorial is based off of, and very similar to (almost identical, really) Arrakis' javvie tutorial. Kudos goes to him for teaching me via the interwebs many good tips and tricks, and where to find many good tuts.


4 ft 3/8" Fiberglass round rod (Tractor Supply Company, 1.09)
Gold's Gym Yoga Mat (Walmart, 19.99)
Fun Foam (Walmart, ???)
Blue foam (Walmart, 5.88)
Poof Football/Nerf football (Walmart, ~5/~Cool
Carpet tape (Lowe's, 4.98)
Fiberglass Strapping Tape (Walmart, 4.97)
Cloth tape/Athletic tape (Walmart, ???)


Kobalt Scissors (Lowe's)
Kobalt Wall Saw (Lowe's)

Step by step (Pics to come later)

Alright, so, here we go.

Start by prepping the core, by wrapping a piece of tape around the bottom of the core, where it comes to a point. Line up the tape with the line/join of the tapered point and the rest of the core. Use the wall saw to cut the point off (the tape is to keep the fiberglass from splintering or spitting up too much dust). A jigsaw works even better, but a mask and safety glasses are advisable, even with the taped portion and using the wall saw. Next, cap both ends of the core, using duct tape or electrical tape. To cap, make an X with the strips of tape, then another X to fit over the openings in the first. Finish the cap by wrapping a strip around the bottom of the strips, to anchor them to the core. Now, the core is prepped.

The next step is to create a cylinder, about 3-4 inches long. My easy way of doing this is to measure the length of the piece of foam, then roll the foam around the core and mark where the foam joins with a sharpie. After that, you cut out the rectangle, run strips of carpet tape along the width of the rectangle, and then wrap it around the core. I bevel the edges with the scissors, so that the overlap doesn't stick out as much. Use pieces of strapping tape across the seam and wrapping partway around the cylinder to strengthen the seam.

Next, take the carpet tape and run a piece of it from just below the cylinder, all the way to the end of the core. This is where things get a bit more delicate, and because of that, I again have a "cheater" method. Take the ruler, and using the yardstick as a guide, outline it on the foam with your sharpie. The 3 foot strip should be more than enough to spiral wrap the core with the foam. If there's any leftover from the foam strip, you can find a use for it. After that, you'll wrap the seam of the spiral and the cylinder with strapping tape, as well have a wrap of strapping tape at the bottom of the core, around the other end of the spiral.

This is when you start with the wrapping and capping, much like making a pommel. You start by capping the cylinder with a piece of foam, and making an x with strapping tape for added support. Then, measure out about 6", or 2" past the seam between the spiral and the cylinder. Basically, measure a piece that will reach from the cap down to the end of the strapping tape that covers the aforementioned seam. You'll cap it again, and then make another wrap, but this time, it'll end about 2" up from the bottom of the last wrap. Repeat this step, and then cap it with 2 layers of yoga mat. Over this final cap of yoga mat, cross two pieces of strapping tape, and then take a piece and wrap it around the seam of the seam of the wrap and the yoga mat. Each wrap and cap, btw, requires anywhere from 1-2 pieces of carpet tape. On the larger wraps, more may be required because of the larger size. Also, the yoga mat is expensive, but lasts for a VERY long time. I'm still trying to finish off the roll from last year.

Now, almost to the end of your new javvie. First, you'll make the pommel. A simple wrap and cap, wrap and cap, and you're done with the pommel. Don't forget the strapping tape for added stability. Next, you'll cut the foam football in half, and then cut the tip off about 2 inches down. Measure: it should be 4" wide with the tip of the football taken off. Now, you'll stand the javelin on it's end, and use the sharpie to trace the circle of the cylinder onto the bottom (the wide part, for clarification) of the football. Use the scissors to trim excess foam about an inch up the football. It'll look like an oversized arrowhead of the broadhead variety. Ya know, cylinder, then the wide part that tapers to the tip. Use the carpet tape to stick them together, and then wrap a couple layers of strapping tape around the seam, covering the entire cylindrical bottom of the football, as well as part of the blue foam cylinder it's attached to. Grab a yellow piece of cloth big enough to cover it, and pull it down and run a wrap or two of strapping tape around the bottom of the cloth, attaching it to the cylinder. Make sure that the piece of yellow cloth is thick enough to not be see through, and big enough that it's loose on the striking surface. You don't want to compress the football, or it'll probably hit too hard.

Finally, to finish it off completely, you'll take the fun foam and cut strips of it, and spiral wrap the strips of foam up the shaft of the javelin, covering the seams with cloth tape. You may want two layers of it, to make sure that you can't feel the core. Cover the bottom of the pommel with strips of cloth tape, crossing each one over til there are no gaps. Start with an X, then X again over the gaps, then X again over any gaps left. Wrap the pommel to the yellow cloth with tape, making sure to cover the strapping tape securing the cloth. I don't remember the exact prices of the cloth tape or craft foam, but the tape is by the cups and sporting equipment, and the foam is in the craft aisle. If you can find the heavy duty black athletic tape, that's even better (incidentally, anyone know where to get it? I don't, to be honest).

Presto. Javvie.
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Niall O'Connor
Niall O'Connor

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PostSubject: Re: Javelin Tutorial   Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:42 pm

Doesnt sound to hard
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PostSubject: Re: Javelin Tutorial   Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:47 pm

And yes, btw, you can use DAP for this tutorial in place of the tape. It'd take some more time, and you'd definitely want to make sure it was dried enough to actually work, but DAP would work for sure. I'd still recommend using the carpet tape for attaching the football, but that's pretty much it.
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PostSubject: Re: Javelin Tutorial   

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Javelin Tutorial
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